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Capacity building Curruculum --
WFE - ESG Guidance June 2018 366KB
Startup Investors Manifesto (EBAN) - A brief Guide to Grow Early Stage Investment 1.2MB
IBM - Digital Transformation Creating new business models where digital meets physical 1.3MB
MIT (Deloitte) - Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation 2.9MB
SEV - Οδηγός δημιουργίας Οικοσυστήματος με 2100 startups και 20000 νέες θέσεις απασχόλησης σε 5 χρόνια 1.7MB
Entreprenorskaps Forum - Sources of capital for Innovative Startup Firms 5.1MB
SEV - Οι Ελληνικές ΜμΕ και η Διοίκηση Επιχειρησιακής Απόδοσης 1.6MB
PwC - Αθήνα Πόλη Ευκαιριών 1.9MB
PwC - Χρηματοδότηση Μικρομεσαίων Επιχειρήσεων 1.2MB
PwC - Από την Ύφεση στην Αναιμική Ανάκαμψη 3.5MB
Prescott-Russell Entrepreneurship Centre - Business Plan Guide 831KB
Zions Bank - How to prepare a Profit & Loss (Income) Statement 3.9MB
GFCC - Optimizing Innovation Alliances 7.3MB
GFCC - Leveraging Extreme Innovation 4.2MB
IOBE - Ετήσια Έκθεση Επιχειρηματικότητας 2016-2017 7.1MB
GEM - Global Report 2017-2018 34.9MB
EY - Funding the Future 4.6MB
Deloitte (SEV) - Εργαλειοθήκη Επιτάχυνσης Παραγωγικών Επενδύσεων 4.5MB
Bruegel - Improving the Role of Equity Crowdfunding in Europe's Capital Markets 285KB
BCG - What Deep-Tech Startups want from Corporate Partners 728KB
BCG - Greece's Startup Ecosystem 1.7MB
AmCham - Η εργαλειοθήκη των Startups 1.1MB
AFME - Raising finance for Europe's small & medium-sized businesses 2.2MB
ACCA - Accounting for Innovation 2MB
WFE - Report on Equity Market Financing of SMEs 2MB
Endeavor - The power of Entrepreneur Networks 6.8MB
Citibank - Create a winning business plan 247KB
Citibank - The Life Cycle of your New Business 385KB
Citibank - Building a Business Model for Success 405KB
WEF - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Report 2013 4MB
Endeavor Greece - Entrepreneurship and Investment Opportunities in Greece today 2.3MB
MIT- Rethinking Networks Exploring strategies for making users more valuable 303KB
Microsoft - Digital Transformation Seven Steps to Success 1.7MB
ITU - A review of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in the ICT Sector 6.6MB
ITU - Trends in tech MSMEs and startup support 2.7MB
McKinsey - Digital Reinvention Unlocking the how 4.5MB
WEF Accenture - Digital Transformation of Industries 3.2MB
WEF - White Paper Digital Transformation of Industries 3.4MB
Capgemini Consulting - Digital Transformation a Road-Map for Billion-Dollar Organizations 4.7MB
EY - Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond 2.6MB
Cognizant - A Framework for Digital Business Transformation 10.1MB
Grant Thornton - Greek Entrepreneurship Restart in the new economic environment 5.9MB
SIR - Managing Digital Transformation 4.8MB
IOBE - ICT Adoption and Digital Growth in Greece 2.6MB
IOBE - Η χρηματοδότηση μέσω χρηματιστηριακής αγοράς και το νέο αναπτυξιακό πρότυπο της Ελλάδας 7.2MB
Mui-Ne-Beach.pdf 62KB
business-travel-tips.pdf 53KB
guide-backpackers.pdf 178KB
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